Relaxing backstage

Sometimes I meet musicians ‘on the road’, and more then once we’ve been talking about the physical and mental stress, touring brings along. Tensed muscles, sleep problems, lack of energy…

Therefore I usually have my treatment chair with me.
I can offer 2 short treatments.

Holistic Pulsing

* You are rocked by me.
Holistic Pulsing works in the same way music does, it ‘moves’ your in- and outside.
It makes you feel great again and very relaxed. This experience can be very surprising. During the session you wear your normal clothes while sitting in my special treatment chair.
Just take of your shoes and loosen your belt..
Let me rock you and relax for 30 minutes.
No use of oil.

ancient thai massage

* Stretching and massage to loosen your arms and hands. Hands and arms suffer from intense use. I can provide an ancient Thai massage technique to resolve the resulting problems.
This is given in the same treatment chair and also without use of oil.
Only 15 minutes.

A combination of both treatments is both possible and sometimes advisable.

When you are interested in treatment on location, feel free to contact me.
Call (0031)73-6426675 of mail to
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  1. You need some stress releave? relax after a show? here is the person who can help you feel like new born after she treated you. Zjosque Bergman she is a wonderful person and a professional therapist. Bernard.Schulte

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