* Hey Zjosque, I played a few weeks ago in La Chèze at Blues au Chateau Festival (harp player in Alex de Vree duo). Your massage was so cool!! Thanks again for this relaxing moment.Cheers,
Thomas Troussier

* thanks again for the pulsing .. it was awesome .. I am not a big fan of summer July heat.. july sometimes gets me down, … and you really helped me out of that.. I was bouncing around and back in top form when I got back and we played like wild nuts… and laughed all the time and I had the best time ever.. seriously.. Cahors I was in funky mood, but I got out of it… with help from you and refinding my own will to breath..Love Julie… Jersey Julie

* .. being on the road for some time, this was what I really needed! Hope to see you more often in future, so you can make me feel as good as new again.. Thanks again! C.

* hey Z, you did a great job! Keep on rockin’! xxx Higlands

* Cheers for the lovely treatment after the show! 🙂 Eileen

* Wonderful experience! Felt so much better and all that after just 15 minutes .. WAUW! J.

* Het lichaam laten zijn in een stille beweging
zonder schuld of boete, genoegdoening of vergeving
mensen in wording, overgave aan een moment
zjosque, ik zag je liefdevol werken
onderweg als bedoeïe in een tent, zo blijkt maar weer dat blues
zoals elk lichaam een bijzonder ritme heeft
als je je er met liefde aan over geeft
dank je namens iedereen die niet in staat is het te verwoorden. Frank Boers

* Hello Zjosque, thank you for rocking me. I loved it and it really helped even though it was hard for me to concentrate with all the commotion going on. I hope we can meet up again someday. You are a beautiful spirit. …..keep on healing people because it is what you were meant to do…..celebrate today and every day….. Hugs, Jennifer Wheeler

* Wonderful experience. Hope we meet again… XX
* thanks for working on my old bones at the festival in bretagne last summer. you did wonders! I felt so relaxed after the pulsing! I’ll certainly look forward to another session next summer during my tour. Mike Green

* Thanks for being in touch…it was a great treatment! Good luck! X Jan Jan Preston

* Hope to see you again soon! Amitiés et gros bisousxxxxx DOUBLE STONE WASHED Double Stone Washed

* Thanks for your presence , it was good to see you and your magic hands. See you for the next live show/ oliver oliver the

* De korte behandeling door Zjosque was een absoluut unieke ervaring. Kan ik iedereen aanraden! Ed

* My dear friend you are one of the most gifted healers I have come across in a long time. You are an amazing gift to all whom come to you. You are the hollow reed, the vessel which creator has chosen to use to clearly affect the goodness in all of us. You are a beacon that pulses out goodness. You are the sun that shines upon us and warms us to an ultimate experience of the most profound healing. I look forward to calling on you when I return from the United States tothe Netherlands. I look forward to being with you and being healed by you. Wa Do Michael Redsky

* thanks for this great, great massage at the blues fest in Brittany! I hope you take care of you and getting well, see U …Rémy / Texaroma

* Je behandeling was erg welkom. Pijnlijke en stijve spieren verdwenen en ik voelde me heerlijk los de rest van de dag. M.E.

* Ik vertrok zóó relaxed, Ik heb er erg van genoten. Bedankt! H

7 gedachten over “Feedback

  1. Hi Zjosque,
    Thank you so much for my massage backstage after the show at Southern Blues Night in Heerlen. It was just what I needed!
    All the very best,
    Will “Harmonica” Wilde x

  2. Hoi Zjosque,
    Was weer een geslaagd bluesfeest in Ridderkerk zaterrdag 31 maar 2012.
    Ook mede door jou activiteiten backstage als je daar klaar stond om artiesten die dat wilden te verzorgen met een ontspannende massage na hun optreden.
    Dit is aan te raden voor organistoren van evenementen. Veel artiesten stellen dit zeer op prijs.
    Bedankt Zjosque en tot ziens op het 10e Bluezy Festival Ridderkerk.
    Nico Bravenboer, organisator

  3. Zjosque;
    Thanks for the few minutes in your chair at the Highlands Festival (Amersfoort). After falling offstage it was the perfect way to relax for a few.
    Khalif Wailin Walter

  4. Playing music can be physically hard work. Zjosque’s approach to physiotherapy and holistic care makes ALL the difference when you have to play shows. Her integration of body and mind care is unique and deserves to be shared amongst the musical community. Winner!

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